Agile Ideas

#102 | From Idea to Start-Up, Product Innovation with FinTech CEO Anthony Fitzgerald

December 19, 2022 Agile Ideas Episode 102
Agile Ideas
#102 | From Idea to Start-Up, Product Innovation with FinTech CEO Anthony Fitzgerald
Show Notes

Ever wanted to know what's its like to take the leap of faith and ditch the comfort of your corporate career to build your own start up? Well that's exactly what Anthony - Senior product, strategy & marketing executive, and his two co-founders did. Anthony has a long track record of developing successful teams and a track record of delivering outstanding growth and profitability through innovation.

With over 20 years of experience in banking, he has led Cards and Deposits businesses at both major and digital banks. He is responsible for many of the innovations that have shaped these markets, including Low Rate credit cards, 0% Balance Transfers, Visa Debit cards, and various Reward Program innovations.

On the podcast this episode, I chat with Anthony about their career and life in the corporate to start up space and deep dive into:

  • where the idea came from
  • how he took an idea and developed a new FinTech product
  • the start-up journey
  • his experience finding and working with co-founders
  • how the open banking space is changing the game
  • challenges faced throughout his journey

and much more!

Anthony can be contacted at: and

Check out their product offering at

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