Agile Ideas

#098 | Why waking up at 5am has changed my life

October 13, 2022 Agile Ideas Episode 98
Agile Ideas
#098 | Why waking up at 5am has changed my life
Show Notes

I've been working for almost 20 years and I am ashamed to say it's taken me this long to figure out one of the best-kept secrets to being successful. Wake up early, for me, it's 5 am. And doing this has really changed a lot of things in my life. From productivity, goals, and successes, I take you through why it has changed my life for the better. 

On the podcast this episode, I take you through why waking up early has been game-changing for me and how it can help you to: 

  • Why 5 am?
  • How did I get started?
  • What changes have I noticed?
  • And much more!

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